Google’s annual summary (for 2012) of the top trending searches was finally released a little less than 2 weeks after we reviewed the past (top) search trends since 2001.

Their headline for this year is that there were 1.2 trillion searches across all countries in 146 languages.  Topping the U.S. Search Trends was a lady many of us cherished for singing some of the top love songs 30+ years.  Linsanity also entered this year’s search trends list at #5 with “Gangnam Style” making the cut here at the end of the year with it’s late surge at #8.

The Full U.S. Top Search Trends for 2012 List ended as:

  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Hurricane Sandy
  3. Election 2012
  4. Hunger Games
  5. Jeremy Lin
  6. Olympics 2012
  7. Amanda Todd
  8. Gangnam Style
  9. Michael Clarke Duncan
  10. KONY 2012

And sister company Youtube hosted a nice little video summarizing the year’s search trends

Many other Top Search Trends Lists were available as well.  If interested in a particular country, feel free to click any of the following:

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