This past month’s search market share stayed relatively the same.  No big surprises or changes that rocked the search world.  This month, however, yahoo only dropped .1% vs. last month dropping .3%.

Despite search engine’s like Blekko claiming they’ve improved 400%, they still fail to be anywhere on the true radar of the largest search engines in the U.S.; even way below AOL which at least registers in this huge list of the top search engines of the world.  Blekko doesn’t even claim a 0.0X% presence on the same list.  So what if the unique IP’s are up 400%.  Like we showed in another blog post, but blekko has a LONG way to go in order to prove it’s a decent search engine.

We post the monthly numbers as much as possible on the side bar of our main site pages (other than the blog), but here they are in case you don’t want to search “[fill in the month] comscore data search engines”:

search engine market share march 2012

March 2012 U.S. Search Engine Market Share

Source: Comscore Press Release


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