Our latest “2019’s Most Searched Keywords on Google” is out.   Check it out for the latest trends in what people are look for on the Internet!  

It’s been a year since our last report on the Top searched keyword keywords on the Internet — and a bit has changed.

Without further adieu, here are the most searched keywords sought on the Internet.

Starting off, let’s examine the:

Top 10 Keywords Searched on the Internet

10 Most Searched Keywords

“Translate” is the most searched topic on the Internet

After a year passed from the last version of our ongoing study, we’ve found the world is continually trying to learn each others’ languages.   Not only was the #1 keyword phrase “translate” (in English), but many more phrases in other languages that mean “translate” or “translator” generated TONs of traffic.

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Some included:

  • google translate – 226 million searches/mo (avg)
  • traductor (translator in spanish) – 185 million searches/mo (avg)
  • traducir (translate in spanish) – 37.2 million searches/mo (avg)
  • ترجمة (translate in arabic) – 30.4 million searches/mo (avg)
  • traduttore (translate in italian) – 30.4 million searches/mo (avg)
  • traduzir (translate in portuguese) – 20.4 million searches/mo (avg)
  • traductor google (translator google) – 20.4 million searches/mo (avg)
  • dịch (translate in vietnamese) – 16.6 million searches/mo (avg)

The keyword “translate” grew 22.57% in monthly volume from 226 million searches a month on average to 277 million searches a month here in 2018.   The index for when we started this keyword study in December of 2018 was at 39 and today it’s at 100 equating to a 256% increase.

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So, not a ton of surprise here or with our #2 topic: “weather”

“Weather” is the second most searched topic on the Internet

While the growth of individual term “weather” has grown more significantly than “translate” in the past year in terms of percentages (%), the total volume of “translate” is much higher overall.   You can see the estimated snapshot of the 295 suggested permutations of “translate” equate to close to 600 million searches per month.    

whereas with “weather,” the 655 suggested permutations only equate to close to 340 million estimated monthly searches per month.

And the 295 permutations of “translate” don’t even include the some of the ones listed that are of different languages like the ones listed above:  traductor (translator in spanish), traducir (translate in spanish),  ØªØ±Ø¬Ù…Ù‡  (translate in arabic),  traduttore (translate in italian), traduzir (translate in portuguese), traductor google (translator google) and dịch (translate in vietnamese).   You could potentially add another 325+ million searches a month conducted in different languages.

Other Findings from this year’s Top Keywords Study:

Significant amounts of searches in different languages entered the list

As mentioned with translate, many different languages other than English were inputted into google.   This may mean that Google’s penetrating certain countries like Spanish speaking ones or even Russian or Vietnamese.   The other postulation could be that Google didn’t count the searches in the other languages prior to this year.

For example, with the second top sought after term, you had “weather” conducted in:

  • spanish (tiempo) – 45.5 million times a month (estimated)
  • russian (погода) – 30.4 million times a moth
  • french (meteo) – same as the russian term as far as volume
  • probably many other languages if we had time to examine more of the list

Railway search terms were BIG in MANY other countries

Don’t let Amtrak’s smaller presence in the United States confuse you that “rail” transportation is weak throughout the world.   People are traveling via the land based travel system quite often and are needing to find the schedules or other details of the rail’s many services.

A few of them for example:

  • irctc (India’s Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) – 20.4 million searches a month – #45th
  • sncf (France’s national State Owned Railway) – 9.14 million searches a month – #124th
  • pnr status (another Indian Railways search term) – 9.14 mill searches/month – #124th
  • indian railway – 9.14 mill searches/month – #124th
  • trenitalia (Italy) –  9.14 mill searches/month – #124th

And a few more that generate more than a million searches a month including: “national rail” and “railway enquiry.”   We are thinking there are some hidden terms possibly in different languages we didn’t see beyond the top hundred.

Tabloids and Newspaper Searches Outside the U.S.  are Big

  • milliyet (Turkish Newspaper – seen previously) – 20.4 mill/mo
  • gazete (Turkish Newspaper – new) – 20.4 mill/mo
  • as (Diario AS is a Spanish daily sports newspaper, concentrating particularly on football) – 20.4 mill/mo
  • el pais (Spanish newspaper) – 16.6 mill/mo
  • iltalehti (Finnish Tabloid) – 9.14 mill/mo
  • aftonbladet (Swedish Tabloid) – 9.14 mill/mo
  • ilta sanomat (Finnish Tabloid) – 9.14 mill/mo
  • vnexpress (Vietnamese Online Newspaper) – 9.14 mill/mo

Search Terms that are LOSING Steam

  • “youtube to mp3” lost 18.28% year over year down to 30.4 million/mo from their 37.2 mill/mo in 2017
  • “mail” lost 18.07% and is down to 20.4 mill/mo
  • “speed test” lost even more at 32.89% decrease in searches — 2017’s 30+ mill/mo has dropped to 20.4 mil/mo
  • “sign in” must be getting more specific b/c generically, it’s only at 13.6 mill/mo now
  • “movies” also took a HUGE hit down to 9.14 mill/mo meaning it took a 44.94% hit from last year
  • “free” and “music” also dropped 18.16% respectively
  • “torrent” and “rihanna” also dropped in popularity quite a bit losing 45.3% of the search volume from the previous year
  • and “film,” “tv,” “free games,” “chat,” “images,” “anime,” and “horoscopo” all lost from 18.3 to 33.16% from 2017

Indian gambling seems to “POP” on the list

  • satta matka – 30.4 million searches/mo (34th in this list and maybe as high as 96th overall)
  • matka – 20.4 million searches/mo (60th in this list and 170th overall)

Some New Top Searches in 2018

  • “trump” and “donald trump” generated 20.4 mill & 11.1 mill/mo respectively (peaking in March 2017)
  • despacito – 13.6 mill/mo — this popular song title most likely will go away
  • peppa pig – 11.1 mill/mo — this British preschool animated television series could stick around
  • the internationalization of search — as pointed out already
  • the Indian gambling terms identified in the aforementioned

Trends don’t equate to High Volume Always

Many  of you know about Google Trends and also the end of the year amalgamation of “trending searches.”   However, did you know many of those searches are temporal?   Here are examples of many of the categories and their respective search volumes:

  • iphone 8 – 16.6 mill/mo
  • bitcoin – 13.6 mill/mo
  • iphone x – 13.6 mill/mo
  • north korea – 9.14 mill/mo
  • hurricane irma – 7.48 mill/mo
  • kevin spacey – 2.74 mill/mo
  • harvey weinstein – 2.24 mill/mo
  • matt lauer – 2.24 mill/mo
  • las vegas shooting – 2.24 mill/mo
  • solar eclipse – 1.83 mill/mo
  • nadia toffa – .55 mill/mo
  • megan markle – .45 mill/mo

As you can see the terms barely make it into the top 60 terms, but many would be most likely be towards the 800th most searched term or worse.   Also, note these terms probably lost their peak volumes after controversies blew over or the temporal nature of the terms failed to keep it relevant.   North Korea may be the only longer lasting term out of this list.

  • nintendo switch – 9.14 mill/mo
  • samsung galaxy s8 – 5 mill/mo
  • gal gadot – 4.09 mill/mo
  • xbox one x – 2.24 mill/mo
  • bill skarsgard – 1.5 mill/mo
  • louis ck – .823 mill/mo

  • french election – .673 mill/mo
  • uk election – .45 mill/mo
  • georgia special election – .135 mill/mo
  • uttar pradesh election – .0148 mill/mo
  • german federal election – .0036 mill/mo

You can see clearly these terms are quite low in terms of volume.

  • chicken breast recipes – .45 mill/mo
  • kek tarifleri – .45 mill/mo
  • pogaca tarifi – .368 mill/mo
  • ground beef recipes – .301 mill/mo
  • french toast recipe – .246 mill/mo

You can see the volume is again lower, but here, Google’s end of the year team doesn’t even spell one of the terms correctly.   In their list, they spell it “kek tarifi,” but their keyword planner department has shown the real term’s spelling “kek tarifleri” and you can see the result here:

Can we trust google’s end of the year team?   Not sure…

The Overall Search Volume has Increased Tremendously

Despite some terms losing steam, the overall volume has appeared to increase.   Unfortunately, the  quarterly google earnings calls fail to highlight all those details.   However, they do say that “…desktop did deliver solid revenue growth.”

Nonetheless, we can only estimate based off of our research:

As many as 1000+ phrases with search volume of 2.24 million a month (estimated) in contrast to the list of 100 last year.   However, this list is MUCH broader because it may have some porngraphic terms still embedded into the list along with more terms that are not just topics.   We opened up this year’s list with some terms that had some branding on it, but seemed like more of a topic like “google translate” because last year, we included “youtube mp3” and though it was important to include some of these like terms.   While the list may have been longer due to the inclusion of these types of terms, the list may EVEN be longer if we find the translations of many of the top topics like maps, news, restaurants or games.

And Porn Has NOT Gone Away as HIGHLY Searched Phrases

Let’s share a few of the top phrases that we didn’t put on the list:

  • xnxx – 506 mill/mo
  • xvideos – same
  • pornhub – 226 mill/mo
  • porn – 124 mill/mo
  • xhamster – 101 mill/mo
  • xxx – same
  • redtube – same
  • youporn – 83.1 mill/mo

Another 11 terms that generated a minimum of 30.4 million searches/mo (on average) to as high as 68 mill/mo.   Again, Maslow had something with the hierarchy of needs.

Finally, what some of you have been waiting for:

The Top 100 Searched Keyword Topics on Google/Internet

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