Microsoft Bing Inching Up

Here in 2019, Microsoft and Bing have made a somewhat large climb into Google’s complete dominance of the search world.  While they are not threatening by any means, this is one of the highest market shares that could justify spending some money on the Redmond based companies search engine.

The latest puts Bing at 24.7% of the search engine market share for US based desktop home and work locations.  Google is at 62.6% dropping -0.4% from their January numbers. feb 2019 search engine market share - USA

Rounding out the top search engine marketing properties is Verizon Media (i.e., Yahoo or the Oath Network) with 11.7% and also gaining market share and the Ask Network who’s been literally hovering around 1% for all the years I’ve done the analysis or found data on market share.

Source: Comscore qSearch

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