Latest 2022 Comscore Search Engine Market Data

Bing Search Grows to 26%+ of US Search Market according to Comscore

Ever since we started our of the well known search engine statistics research firm in 2017, we’ve noticed that the most ubiquitous known search engine was slowly losing their market share.   Back at that time, Google held onto 63.2% at the time of all the US searches online.   However, you can see below that they are now down to 61% and closing in on the 50s.   Simultaneously, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has crept up to over a quarter of America’s searches. In the following table, you’ll seethe two (2) largest search engines’ latest market share.

Growth in Gross Searches per Month (in the US)

Despite the loss of market share, Google’s gross searches haven’t decreased..   In January/February of 2018, google had more than 10 billion searches (10,352,000,000 to be exact) conducted on the dominant website.   However, here in October of 2020, the #1 player in this market has grown their search base 19.5% since then.   Microsoft had 4,309,000,000 searches conducted back then with an increase of 21% of gross searches as you can see below.

Latest 2022 Comscore Search Engine Market Data

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