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Well, that was the thought that went through my head initially when I got this spammy looking email from MySpace titled “Myspace + Facebook = Mashup.”

It said: “It’s true, the new Myspace and Facebook are friends. And now, the new Myspace comes with Facebook Mashup!”  Yah right, Murdoch wants to be friends with Zuckerberg.  Can someone validate if Murdoch is on Zuckerberg’s friends list in FB?

Even if this was true that they combined forces, what would the new Mashup be named: My what? (since I have no freakin clue what the symbol on their site means)  MyFacebook.com?  MySpaceBook.com? (go to the nearest domain registrar and buy these domains RIGHT NOW!)

I couldn’t imagine the two large social networks partnering up since Facebook basically took all MySpace’s social traffic away along with most of the “friends” networks out there (can I say deadster.com, I mean Friendster.com?).  It’s been reported that from a recent PC World article talking about the new Mashup that MySpace has lost half of it’s total website traffic since the middle part of 2009.  Looks like MySpace.com is now 40th in the world according to Alexa’s index with Facebook trailing only Google as the #1 site in the World.  No need to even mention Friendster, but I’ll add them to a little graph below showing the incredible change in social website traffic flow over the past year.

facebook vs. myspace vs. friendster 2009-2010

So, what does the head cheerleader do who lost her captain of the football team boyfriend to some new girl debate team geek who takes off her glasses and is hotter than Denise Milani?  Well, she becomes best friends with the Czech Superstar looking girl and tries her best to keep her friends and maybe even get to see her x-boyfriend once in a while.  Of course, we know how that story goes and here, the x-popular girl (i.e., MySpace.com), despite desperately clinging on for her school popularity (MySpace + Facebook = Mashup), ends up becoming some forgotten memory (kind of like GeoCities & what MySpace probably will become) while the girl who looks like one of the most Desirable Women in the World according to AskMen.com (Facebook, yes can you believe it?) ends up rich (i.e., facebook valuation), popular (#2 in the world behind google) and controlling the world (I can’t wait to see what this Social Network tries to do over the next 5-10 years).

Just in case, you’re VERY curious what this Mashup between 2 of the largest social networks in the online world is, we need to first explain what a mashup is.  Typically, it’s almost how it sounds, but Mashups are typically 2 or more websites or applications that combine data, user interfaces or even functions to create a new & hopefully useful service.  Some really successful mashups include Woozor, a Google Maps & Weather.com combination that provides weather forecasts all around the planet or DivVoted which is a democratic way of selecting your fav sites via Twitter.  In this desperate clinging to survival, MySpace will grab your likes and interests that you’ve selected on Facebook and try to get you “personalized recommendations” on MySpace for your viewing and listening pleasure.

You know, I’ve never liked MySpace because they did one thing users on the Internet eventually hate: getting spam.  I never received any spam in huge quantities in my email accounts, other website accounts, but with MySpace, I received the most spam ever.  It’s the main reason why I ended up not using them even though I like to keep up with trendy websites to see if they’re useful.  Well, I noticed they were trying to become an entertainment portal, but frankly, Facebook has too many apps to fill this need and frankly, I think many people like to have multiple sources & not just one place for their entertainment.  Plus, all the entertainment companies could never all work together to join one website or do one thing all together.  If they did, there wouldn’t be the ability to download songs and movies on the Internet right now for little to no cost at all.

You know, the funny thing was that the email almost looked like a phishing email I’ve seen one too many times.  So, I almost didn’t even click on it for the risk of going to some malware site.

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