This morning here around 9a PST, I was trying to multi-task as usual. I typed in “google analytics” as I usually do in my chrome and came back to the tab where I did it at. I had one of those messages on Chrome that said basically site wasn’t found (most likely due to the internet being down) like this:

Unfortunately, this isn’t the exact image, but it serves the point. (I failed to take a screenshot while confused & bewildered of the actual image 😉)

Anyway, since it’s snowing hard today out. I thought “oh *(&(^, the Internet is out!”

But the QA analyst in me comes out and tells me to surf to Yahoo or Microsoft to see if they’re “pingable.” Yahoo comes up o.k. “Odd”, I think to myself. And Microsoft also shows up o.k.

I type in “google webmasters tools” as well (one of the other HUGELY important websites for my clients and me) and it doesn’t come up. I finally type the mother of all urls, “” (I say “mother” since Facebook is basically the new kid on the block who’s got everyone’s attention, but frankly, we’ll have to see if Zuckerberg and his team can live up to the dream or if people in general will not be as critical with social networking software as they are with search engines). Anyway, fails to show up.

Oh my gosh! (I could use other words here obviously)

Fortunately, the connection is back up in a few minutes after that. I can see my google analytics data and more that’s controlled by google.

…but could you imagine if the Googleplex really was down for more than an hour?

I can’t.


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