Failing on the Internet

In the golden times of the Internet, there used to be flaming wars where people would attack one another without repercussions.

With the advent of Twitter, however, you had some battles get decided by the majority.

For example, Cher recently grilled a 61 yo Chandler, AZ mother.  Her response lit up the Internet:

cher's "bitch tweet that went viral

Her response was to the lady’s response to Cher’s original tweet where she says she’ll protect kids from Trump’s measures against DACA.

chandler arizona mother's tweet to cher

As you can see in the above, Brenda sort of got roasted.  And according to this, she:

She plans to lie low on social media for a while.

Around the same time, I get this random #Disqus comment to one of my blog posts about AMP.

matt roberts - sacramento disqus

I immediately reply back identifying that I did NOT accept payment for the link to his competitor from the 39 more SEO Experts predict the future in July 2016 link I placed in the “AMP content.”  I’m not saying I wouldn’t be open to include sponsorships on my blog or my site, but I just haven’t at this point.

I had no idea that this post was climbing in organic traffic:

top seo blog posts on Seattle organic seo

So, I guess that’s why he was a little jealous his competitor got a free link because I simply found it to be compelling and worth being included in the post.

However, instead of respectfully just interacting with us, he decided to air out his dirty laundry and do his best to disparage us.

Matt Roberts of AdInfusion in Sacramento TRULY lacks Professionalism

I have no idea what he thought would benefit him by sending us more negative comments:

and then:


and this:

The irony here is he’s been calling for #SOS ever since people started to defend themselves against his malicious practices.  In the RipOffReport, Matt Roberts in Sacramento is actually listed as an offender:

matt roberts sacramento seo ripoffreport


Matt Roberts is a Sacramento based web scammer, and owner of Adinfusion. 

Our website is the lifeblood of our company, and we wanted to make sure we choose the right person. However, when Matt was finished doing the SEO and development work that we paid him to do, we found out he plagerized content that didn’t even make sense for our web site. Additionally we found out that the web development he did, was actually a $50 wordpress theme.  We tried to work with Matt to see if he would redo the content or at the very least offer us a refund, however he said “that isn’t my problem tough luck, what you got is what you paid for.” Even when we showed him the content that was copied, we were shocked when he told us “well if you wanted me to write it and make it all original, you have to pay for that”.

We then did a public record search on Matt and found out that he has a criminal record. We should have done that first.

Since then we hired another company to undo all the harmful work that Matt Roberts did and get us back on track. 

A couple weeks later, I search “matt roberts adinfusion” to find us on page 2 already for the phrase.  Usually it takes longer, but our SEO talents have some times worked quicker.
Beyond our initial discovery, we found more evidence that he’s been taking advantage of many more victims:
matt roberts adinfusion
In these first 5 results, 3 out of 5 are incredibly negative.  Just in case the victim takes down the complaint, here is another one we found:
matt roberts adinfusion scam alert
An Admin from WickedFire posts how Roberts gets banned from the forum:
matt roberts wickedfire
And a new discovery, but he’s had:

2 complaints against AdInfusion’s Matt Roberts in the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  • Advertising Sales Issues
  • Billing Collection Issues

Honestly, I’ve seen bad companies out there, but nothing with complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau.  The sad thing is that the organization STILL allows him an A+ rating despite this:

bbb complaints against adinfusion

Many times, you can just tell by the way one behaves.  So, this is a lesson to all who might automatically react in a wasteful manner to such threats or abuse.  Frankly, Karma is a b*tch and on top of that, the good people win in the end (in contrary to what some people might believe).
So, I realized a couple minutes into looking at the retweets and likes, these are simply just fiverr jobs he decided to abuse in order to “appear” like he has support.
For example, we put up a tweet like this:
and in two days, we’ll share how you can bump the numbers up just like he did artificially.
Actually, I didn’t even need 2 days.  We did it in one:
popular tweets

You see the 570 retweets and 60 likes?  

Am I that popular?  No.  Is he?  Definitely not.  He’s a simple scammer that everyone should watch out for.
His abuse of this service is what got him into trouble originally with the Rip Off Report that was filed against him.
p.s. I simply did a “matt roberts rip off report” search on Google and found these interesting links.  I guess there’s a chance he’s been scamming much more than I even realized:

The sad thing is that all he had to do is listen.

There’s no harm in simply accepting that reality is reality.

For him, unfortunately, he doesn’t see how the real world works.  #toobad

Update 10/3/2017

The boy doesn’t know when to leave things alone and honestly, do you really have this much time to spam people who don’t care about you?  Before I deleted his 1/2 dozen emails, I had to show you all how much he can’t let go of silly little issues:

Buddy – let it go.  Seriously.  You should have better things to do with your life.


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