Google’s Suggested Top Medical Searches

top health search phrases by google

In a entertaining write up by  Xaquín G.V.,  in collaboration with Google News Lab, a few topics were analyzed in terms of searches.  The piece titled:

How To Fix a Toilet

And Other Things We Couldn’t Do Without Search”

examined the “top 100 ‘How Tos’ worldwide to see what else we desperately need help with.

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The one that caught our eyes was the one related to health related queries, but when we saw the aforementioned, we wondered if it was truly accurate?  While we know it was focusing on the “how to” phrases, we just thought it was a tad weird that “losing weight” might outnumber the other topics in the visuals shared in the piece.

We found out differently.

A couple of things that we found through our own research were:

  • “calculate bmi,” in aggregate was sought after more than the “lose weight” phrase that appeared to be #1 in  Xaquín G.V.’s piece
  • And G.V. was focused on the “how to’s” which to me doesn’t always include the actual topics and phrases people are usually looking up including ailments or diseases as you can see dominate here

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We used the google keyword planner tool and found these results to be true:

Top Medical Phrases Searched – by Single Month

1 – “cancer”: 7.29 million/month searches

cancer google monthly searches

2 – “insomnia”: at 6.25 million/mo searches

insomnia monthly searches

3 – “leukemia”: 4.79 mill/mo

leukemia monthly searches google

4 -“diabetes”: 4.78 mill/mo

diabetes monthly search volume

5 – “fall asleep” at 4.66 mill/mo (Jan – 2017), but 1.7 mill/mo for the rest of the year

fall asleep monthly search volume

6 -“sciatica”: 4.06 mill/mo

7 -“chiropractor”: 3.31 mill/mo

chiropractor monthly searches

8 – “lower blood pressure”: 3.35 mill/mo*

lower blood pressure mo search volume

9 – “Calculate BMI”: 3.31 million monthly searches (March)*
calculate bmi mo search volume

10 – “lose weight”: 2.94 mill/mo

lose weight mo search volume

Additional health related phrases searched a significant amount monthly:

  • “yoga” related phrases should be inserted here with 2.92 mill/mo searches at least in January 2017 this past year
  • “hemorrhoids”: 2.50 mill/mo

hemorrhoids monthly keyword volume

  • “arthritis” can be inserted here w/ 2.35 mill/mo searches (at least in March 2017)
  • “get a six pack”: 1.93 mill/mo

get a six pack mo search volume

  • “massage”: 1.87 mill/mo

massage monthly search keyword volume

  • “gain weight”: 1.87 mill/mo
    gain weight visual mo search volume
  • “meditate”: 1.84 mill/mo

meditate mo search volume

  • “fall asleep fast”: 1.62 mill/mo

fall asleep fast monthly search volume

  • “lose belly weight”: 1.52 mill/mo

lose belly weight monthly search volume

  • “get rid of pimples”: 1.45 mill/mo

get rid of pimples monthly google search volume

  • “get rid of acne”: 1.36 mil/mo

get rid of acne monthly google search voume

  • “stop snoring”: 1.29 mill/mo

stop snoring monthly google search volume

  • “quit smoking”: 1.01 mill/mo

quit smoking monthly search volume

  • “get rid of hiccups”: 0.74 mill/mo

get rid of hiccups monthly search volume

  • “get rid of dandruff”: 0.56 mill/mo

get rid of dandruff monthly google search volume

  • “get rid of stretch marks”: 0.55 mill/mo

get rid of stretch marks visual search volume

Top 100 Individual Medical/Health Keyword Phrases Searched Monthly in Google


top individual medical phrases searched 1-25


top individual medical phrases searched 26-50


top individual medical phrases searched 51-75


top individual medical phrases searched 76-100

2013’s Top Health Issues

Just tripped over this list while doing some historical keyword data gathering, but supposedly Google listed the top health issues back then:

Top Trending Health Issues

1) Flu
2) Cold
3) Labor
4) Diarrhea
5) Balance
6) Diet
7) Back Pain
8) Allergies
9) Rash
10) Lupus

2012’s Top Health Issues

Top Trending Health Issues

1) Hemorrhoid
2) Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
3) Sexually Transmitted Disease
4) Diaper Rash
5) Diarrhea
6) Urinary Tract Infection
7) Miscarriage
8) Heartburn
9) Celiac Disease
10) PTSD

2012’s Top Medical Symptoms

1) Pregnancy Symptoms
2) Diabetes Symptoms
3) Flu Symptoms
4) UTI Symptoms
5) Mono Symptoms
6) Strep Throat Symptoms
7) HIV Symptoms
8) Lupus Symptoms
9) Heart Attack Symptoms
10) Lyme Disease Symptoms

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