Microsoft Bing Finally hits 1/4 of the Search Engine Market!

Sept 2019 search engine market share - USA

In the most recent data available from Comscore, the online research company reported that Microsoft search engine properties NOW represent 25.3% of the entire U.S. Desktop Home & Work Locations search engine market share.  They released their

Comscore Explicit Core Search Share Report (Desktop Only) August 2019 vs. September 2019

report highlighting the top properties America uses to find their information. As usual, the top 4 are still:

  1. Google @ 62.4%
  2. Bing (Microsoft) at 25.3%
  3. Verizon (i.e., Yahoo) at 11.5%
  4. Ask (Network) at 0.8%

Back in December 2011, the shares were:

  1. Google rose to 65.9 percent (up from 65.4 percent in November).
  2. Bing rose to 15.1 percent (up from 15 percent in November).
  3. Yahoo dropped to 14.5 percent (down from 15.1 percent).
  4. Ask remained at 2.9 percent.
  5. AOL remained at 1.6 percent

At the time, Yahoo was just taken over by Bing as the 2nd largest search engine and the Redmond based company never looked back.  While Google still remains quite a ubiquitous presence with search, Microsoft’s also come a long way as you can see the 2nd largest tool for searches in the U.S. growing 10+ percentage points whereas Google losing 3+.

While Google isn’t fretting, I imagine, it does at least show that more people are supposedly using the 2nd largest search engine.

Bing Surpasses 4 Billion Searches a Month

Sep 2019 search queries

While searches may have decreased month over month, they have still risen overall.  If you look at our last report back in April reporting the February 2019 search engine market statistics, you’ll see that Google was in the 9 billion+ mark with Bing in the sub 4 billion searches a month range.  Verizon (or what was “Oath” or Yahoo) was also lower than their current mark with the Ask Network the only search engine to show lower searches per month (out of these behemoths of search).

Other Search Engine(s) Market Share

If you’re curious about the others like DuckDuckGo or Ecosia or even Yandex, Statcounter helps us stay on top of their numbers.  The alternative online statistics company also has much different numbers than the more well known Comscore research.  Statcounter says these are the top search engines (in the U.S.) as of November 2019:

  1. Google – 88.43%
  2. Bing – 6.21%
  3. Yahoo (Verizon) – 3.67%
  4. DuckDuckGo – 1.29%
  5. Ecosia – 0.13%
  6. Yandex RU – 0.07%

p.s. I’m not a huge fan of the company in my backyard for full disclosure.  Actually, I still think it sucks.  However, it does seem to be growing a fan base and it seems to be satiating their needs enough to grow the audience quite a bit over the years.  Imagine if Satya Nadella placed ALL his efforts on growing their search engine vs. focusing on the hundreds (or even thousands) of products/services the company represents.

Source for the above search engine statistics: Comscore qSearch

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