As we’ve shared, Wikipedia is the #1 search engine optimized website on the planet.   In our examination of the top 500 SEO’d websites in the world, Wikipedia generates the most traffic from SEO than any other website including the site that generates the most searches, the most popular video website in the world, the most popular ecommerce site in the world and even the biggest search engine in the world.

10 seo websites

According to one popular source, Wikipedia generates as much as 5.3 billion+ visits a month:

Monthly wikipedia traffic

And feeding this traffic is mostly organic searches.   The #1 source for Wikipedia’s traffic by a huge margin is organic:

No 1 source of wikipedia traffic

As big fans of keyword research and always trying to satiate our curiosity over what people are looking for, we were wondering what sort of keyword phrases were people punching into search engines to find this great source of information.   As a result, we have just launched our first ever survey on:

Top Organic Keyword Sources for the #1 SEO Website in the World

Top 7 Keyword Sources for Wikipedia

In order, they are:

Top 6 Organic Keyword Sources for Wikipedia

  1. Facebook
  2. Grocery Store
  3. Weather
  4. Hurricane Irma
  5. Fidget Spinner
  6. Restaurants

If you compare this with the Top Keyword Searches in 2018 (for Google & the Internet), you’ll find some interesting similarities.

  • #3 was “Facebook Login”
  • #4 was “Weather”
  • Tied for #12 was “Restaurants”

If there were articles that helped support the #1, #2, (tied for) #3, and what was scattered throughout the top phrases, I’m sure Wikpedia would have many searches generating information about “translation.”   However, it’s a function that isn’t solved by wikipedia and as a result fails to garner any extra traffic for the information portal.

If you were curious what else what was generating traffic for the site, here are the next top 19 items feeding Wikipedia rounding off the:

Top 25 Keyword Sources for Wikipedia (#’s 7-25)

  • Youtube
  • Superbowl 2017
  • Google maps
  • Backpage
  • IT (the film)
  • another version of the hurricane: “irma”
  • Lebron James
  • Tom Petty
  • Donald Trump
  • Spider Man Homecoming
  • Split (the film)
  • Fred Korematsu
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Melania Trump
  • Chinese Food
  • Las Vegas Shooting
  • Hidden Figures
  • Stranger Things
  • Justice League

While most of the keywords that generated traffic were intuitive pointing and clicking to the articles on W/ikpedia that elucidated more background information on the topics, these 3 had different destinations:

So, things are never always as they might intuitively appear.

Competing against this data from our favorite SEO tool, we see another site telling us other top search keyword sources are actually:

  1. The brand name “wikipedia”
  2. avicii
  3. avengers infinity war
  4. a quiet place
  5. god of war

In stark contrast, our SEO tool’s rankings, it says the brand is actually the 8th most popular keyword phrase generating traffic to the site.

And when filtering out the top sources again in a different perspective, we found that actually the top searches should also include:

  • North Korea (#6)
  • and swaps #1 and #2 with “Grocery Store” being the #1 source to wikipedia
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