In 2010, we started a trend.  We knew there wasn’t a full examination of “top keyword searches” on the Internet and decided to create our own.

You can see the original “most searched keywords study” off to the right in our list of versions of the in depth examination.

Over time, we realized there was a lot of internet brands or pornography or even navigational searches that dominated the list.  As a result, we pivoted and started to publish the “top keyword things” on the Internet instead.  It turned into “things” from “top topics.”  We also examined the “top shopping keywords,” the top celebrity keyword searches,” and the “top job keyword search terms” on the Internet.

Being pioneers, we end up getting emulated and unfortunately, we also have many folks who fail to credit their predecessors despite us coming well before them.  They sometimes even fail to even publish accurate numbers.  As a result, we need to constantly be the pioneers.

Here in 2018, we started the first ever:

We’re even exploring arenas like automotive (keywords) since I now have a good year+ serving one of the top 5 Automotive Groups and learning a ton about this vertical.

However, one arena we’ve failed to explore until today are “keyword questions.”  So, without further adieu, we have decided to launch the first ever study on the:

Top Keyword Questions Asked on the Internet

In order to do so, we had to dive deep.  It was no longer about the short tail keywords, but phrases that regularly contained 5-6 words in the searches.  More on the methodology below, but here are many of the top 1000+ questions asked on the Internet:

Top 5 Question Keywords

And just like there are many questions out there, there are many more keyword questions:

More Top 10 Keyword Questions

  • Tied for #6: What song is this?
  • Tied for #6: Why him?


  • Tied for #8: How to tie a tie?
  • Tied for #8: How many weeks in a year?
  • Tied for #8: When to work?


  • Tied for #11: When is Easter?
  • Tied for #11: When is father’s day?

However, to make sure we don’t get too many more copycats, we’ve decided we’ll share snapshots of different parts of the (data) list.

Keyword Phrases Tied for 26th:

Keyword Phrases Tied for 43rd:

And if you’re curious what the two other columns are, they represent the keyword difficulty ranging from 0 to 100 (with 100 being the most difficult) and the monthly search volume that exists around the world.  For example, “how to lose belly fat” is searched an estimated 90,500 times a month.

27 Keyword Phrases Tied for 97th:

And obviously, there are many more.  If you’re curious, feel free to comment and we’re happy to share any of the phrases up through 2390.

However, before we go today, we thought we would share a little interesting summation of the types of questions.

Types of Keyword Questions in the Top 1000 Phrases

Basically, we had:

  • 232 questions that started with “how”
  • 237 questions that started with “what”
  • 191 questions that started with “who”
  • 139 questions that started with “when”
  • 107 questions that started with “why”
  • and 105 questions that started with “where”

A few phrases or keywords were simply related according to Google’s Keyword planner, but they weren’t really questions like “isil vs. isis” or “venmo vs. paypal.”

There were also many titles of songs and books that existed throughout that may have skewed some of these figures.

There were many phrases or keywords that weren’t really questions, but possibly reference related queries or potentially titles or other random purposes like:

  • when u see it
  • whenever
  • wherefore
  • whereby

And many beginnings of questions that weren’t complete — potentially finished off by an automatic query in the google toolbar when the dropdown of suggestions occur (or some other reason why google felt it was important to share) like:

  • who died – 9900 times a month
  • how to – 301,000 times a month
  • how high – 22,200 times a month
  • what does – 165,000 times a month
  • what causes – 18,100 times a month
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